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Trust and Reliability are important in the Business of Gemstones and Jewellery. We strive to deliver Quality along with Excellent Customer Service, as these are the founding Pillars of any good Business.

Are you a Gemstones Wholesaler/Dealer?

If you are a dealer, distributor or wholesaler for gemstones and semi-precious stones, we may be a right match for your requirements. Even, if you are a retailer and sell gemstones of quality and produce custom jewellery, we will meet your requirements at prices that will bring a smile, which will be our ultimate reward.

Are you a Trader or seller of imitation jewellery?

We specialize in imitation jewellery which are customized according to our buyers’ needs. Be it Asian, Ethnic, Western Design, we have jewellery sets which will solve your sourcing needs so that you can sell effectively to your customers.

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Market Research

We do all the necessary market research needed to know which products are popular in which country and what should be the best possible way to move ahead.

Track your reports

You need to know how much is your ROI, and the rate of progress. It all comes when you work with right people.

Minimum Work for you

All the necessary work and documentation is done by us. Proper channels to do the business process is in our hands.


We take care of all the hassles and complexities of the actual process, so that you can focus on the main work.

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It has never been easier to export or import because you know you are in safe hands