Aluminum Alloy Foldable Laptop Desk Cooling Bracket


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First of all, the product design is exquisite and the workmanship is exquisite.
The highly user-friendly laptop desk is powerful and flexible and can be transformed into different places, different purposes and different objects like a Transformer.
Two, a variety of postures, can rotate 360 degrees freely
Each of the three folding legs that can rotate 360o has two legs, just like the lower limbs of the human body. Each leg has three branches, just like paper, beer, calf and thigh. Make A4 have the same flexibility, can sit, stand, squat, squat. According to different needs, adopt different postures, adapt to local conditions, and serve you.
Third, the key lock changes, you change.
The convenient and quick self-locking joint realizes a one-button locking and fixing function, and no longer needs to be fixed by rotating bolts (such as a traditional computer desk).

Material: high-quality bearings, magnesium alloy panel and bracket, ABS high-strength buttons and fans, and USB extension cables
Color: cool black rose red
Bearing capacity: 5kg
Surface technology: spraying
Foot length: 260 mm
Number of legs: 6 (3 * 2)
Desktop (length * width): standard 420 * 260mm long 480 * 260mm
Size (after folding): standard 530 * 260 mm lengthened 590 * 260mm

Package Content:
420 and 480: Without fan or mouse board.
420 + mouse pad and 480 + mouse pad: with mouse pad, but without a fan.
420 big fans and 480 big fans: with big fans and mouse board.
420 dual fans and 480 dual fans: with dual fans and mouse board.

Additional information

Weight 1308.00 kg
Dimensions 520 × 270 × 50 cm

Sliver, black, Rose Pink, Black


Single bracket, 480+mouse board, 420, 420 big fan, 420 2pcs, 480 big fan, 480 double fan, 420+mouse board, 480, 420mouse board 2pcs, 420 double fan


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