Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner – Aquarium Sand Electric Vacuum


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Product Name: Aquarium Multifunction Water Changer

Power: 20 W / 28 W

Rated voltage: 110 V / 60 Hz;

Plug: US

Flow rate: 1400 / H (20 W), 1700L / H (28 W)

Elevator: 1.2 m (20 W), 1.5 m (28 W)

Material: plastic + copper

Size: 54 cm (20 W), 84 cm (28 W)

Inner diameter of the hose: 16mm

Length of the pipe: 1.5 m

Length of the power cord: 3 m



1. Can pump water at low water.

2. Strong suction, clean the excrement.

3. Effectively separates debris from gravel.

4. Can be used as a water siphon for water changes, or to empty your aquarium when connecting a hose to the outlet.

5. Easy to install and use, plug in and work.

6. Made of top quality material, it is strong and durable.

7. High safety performance, suitable for shallow and deep aquarium.

8. Connect the shower connector to shower the turtle and add oxygen to the aquarium.


The package includes:

1 x aquarium water changer cleaner 20 W / 28 W

1 x Filter bag

1 x Shower Head

1 x pedestal

1 x duckbill suction port, 1 x angled suction port_01_02_03_04_05_06_07_08_09_10_11_12_13_14_15_16_17_18_19  

Additional information

Weight 1050.0 kg
Dimensions 390 × 160 × 90 cm

28W, 20W




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